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Shawnee Drive Community of Christ

We are open and gathering for in-person worship Sundays. Masks are currently optional.
Breakfast at 9:30am
Worship at 10:30am
Our worship service at 10:30 is available on zoom at this link.

Shawnee Drive Congregation

Christ's Mission, Our Mission
About UsWhat to Expect

Our Mission:

We proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of ​joy, hope, love, and peace.

Together We Share:

  • a community of people where the gospel of Jesus Christ is the focus of worship, learning, caring, and mission.
  • an opportunity for genuine spiritual growth and relationship with the Holy Spirit.
  • a congregation where deep friendships are established, individual ideas are valued, and where those special needs find security, care, and support.
  • a faith community that encourages the ministry of all people, including children and youth.​
  • a global community with a worldwide mission that values all cultures and celebrates the rich diversity of human life.
  • meaningful opportunities to serve Jesus Christ by helping others and promoting peace.

Worship with Us


Breakfast at 9:30am
Worship at 10:30am
Zoom link


4440 Shawnee Drive
Kansas City, Kansas 66106

4440 Shawnee Dr, Kansas City, KS 66106, USA

Christ-centered Worship

Worship is a time of celebration —of life together with God— as we journey toward peace. In Christ-centered worship, our relationships with God and each other are shaped, formed, and deepened. In worship, we approach the peace and mystery of God’s presence as we remember the sacred story and praise God who is the source of all life, and light, and love.

Worship transforms us, nurtures us, and connects us with all creation—past, present, and future. As we worship together in beloved community we receive the Spirit and go forth empowered to share Christ’s peace and make our world a better place.

We explore and experience worship through varied styles of music, drama, preaching, prayer, and meditation. Worship can take many forms. Some worship elements common to Community of Christ Sunday worship include:


  • The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, or Communion, is served on the first Sunday of the month. We use grape juice for the wine. All followers of Christ are always welcome to take part in this sacrament with us, as a renewal of your covenants to follow Christ.
  • ​​A sermon, or talk, is usually given by members of the priesthood or others.
  • Worship includes hymn singing, prayers, and scripture readings.

Meet the Pastors

Meet our Pastor Team: Loree Clark, Mike and Jean Hartford and Haumana Johannsen. We’d be happy for you to visit us at Shawnee Drive Community of Christ. The Pastors can be contacted at pastorate@shawneedrive.org.